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Appropriate Care Guide

Osteoporosis — identification and management in primary care Published on 7 November 2018

This Appropriate Care Guide (ACG) highlights the importance of early identification of patients at risk of osteoporosis or fragility fracture. Guidance is provided on risk assessment, correct diagnosis, and management considerations. It also includes a supplementary guide on treatment options and bisphosphonates treatment monitoring.

Download the PDF below to access the full ACG.

Key Messages
1. Assess osteoporosis risk in post-menopausal women, and men 65 years and older.
2. Diagnose osteoporosis in patients with a fragility fracture or DXA BMD T-score ≤ -2.5.
3. Treat patients diagnosed with osteoporosis or patients with osteopaenia and high fracture risk.
4. Refer selected patient groups to a specialist only when necessary.

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