Horizon Scanning is the systematic identification of new and emerging health technologies, or technologies that are becoming obsolete, that have the potential to effect heath, health services and/or the society. The ACE Horizon Scanning System aims to identify, filter and prioritise new and emerging health technologies, or new uses of existing interventions, to assess their potential impact on health or the healthcare system, allowing for better preparedness of the healthcare system by providing advance notice to policymakers and healthcare providers to aid in planning for healthcare resources allocation. Click here for more information on ACE's Horizon Scanning methods and process guide.

Note: The horizon scanning reports do not have any funding implication. The evidence summarised in the reports reflects the limited evidence available at the time of writing and new information may change how the reports should be interpreted.

Published on 02 Feb 2022
Last Updated on 02 Feb 2022
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This Horizon Scanning Brief provides an assessment of the VITARIA System which serves to provide autonomic regulation therapy through vagus nerve stimulation to restore the autonomic balance in patients with moderate to severe heart failure with reduced ejection fraction who are refractory to guideline-directed medical therapy.
Download the PDF below to access the Horizon Scanning Brief.

Vagus Nerve Stimulation with the VITARIA System for Heart Failure with Reduced Ejection Fraction