ACE produces a variety of technical resources to describe the processes and methods followed when conducting health technology assessments or developing clinical guidances. Key projects are also often published as articles in scientific journals or presented at conferences to share key findings with the scientific and clinical community and promote transparency of our methods and processes.

Process and Methods Guide

ACE produces two types of guidances for healthcare professionals: (i) ACE Clinical Guidances (ACGs) and (ii) Technology Guidances. Read more about the processes and methods followed to develop these guidances here.

Company Submissions

A new process is being piloted in 2021 whereby pharmaceutical companies will be able to request for their oncology products to be evaluated for funding consideration, and will be responsible for providing an evidence submission to ACE, to support the MOH Drug Advisory Committee’s (DAC) deliberations.

The aim of the new process is to enable medicines to be evaluated close to the anticipated date of regulatory approval by the Health Sciences Authority (HSA), and expedite funding considerations to improve patient access to clinically necessary treatments.

The new procedures and guidelines that companies are expected to follow when preparing evidence submissions can be found here.

Scientific Publications

ACE publishes key technical evaluations and processes in scientific journals and often presents scientific content at regional and international symposiums and conferences. Find out more about our publications here.


Past work by ACE such as withdrawn technology guidances and COVID-19 Clinical Evidence Summaries can be found here.