Video Resources

ACE Seminar "Approach to Assessing and Managing Headache as the Presenting Symptom"

Featuring leading experts in the field, this seminar complements the ACE Clinical Guidance "When to order CT/MRI for headache" which aids healthcare professionals in their clinical decision making. Click here for related resources.



ACE webinar "Let's talk about asthma – making asthma patient education meaningful"

Hear experts share insights and practical tips on optimising asthma care through effective patient education. Click here for related resources.

ACE webinar "Managing pre-diabetes – beyond guidelines for better outcomes"

Hear experts share experience and reflections on managing pre-diabetes effectively, incorporating the latest evidence. Click here for related resources.




ACE webinar "When to order MRI for low back pain"

Hear experts share key practice points and perspectives on using MRI to investigate low back pain in ways that can meaningfully inform clinical decision-making. Click here for related resources.



HTA – Improving the life of a Patient with Hepatitis C

Learn how HTA helped a patient with Hepatitis C on her road to recovery.



How ACE conducts HTA

Take a look at how ACE conducts HTA!



Partnering with ACE to improve patient care

Partner with us! Hear what our doctors in diabetes management have to say.