Who We Are

Who we are

Established by the Ministry of Health, the Agency for Care Effectiveness (ACE) is the national health technology assessment (HTA) and clinical guidance agency in Singapore. We support providers, patients, and payers make better-informed decisions about patient care. We achieve this by conducting health technology assessments (HTAs), publishing healthcare guidances and providing education.

What we do


We conduct technical evaluations that inform funding decisions for health technologies, and drive their appropriate use by:

  • Publishing technology guidances on the clinical effectiveness, safety, and cost-effectiveness of health technologies;
  • Conducting value-based pricing negotiations with manufacturers to ensure that prices of patented health technologies are commensurate with the outcomes they deliver for patients and the Singapore health system;
  • Tracking utilisation and outcomes related to funded health technologies to study the impact of funding decisions;
  • Developing and implementing adoption strategies within public healthcare institutions to drive uptake of technology guidances.

II. Clinical Guidance

We develop and publish clinical guidances that provide concise, evidence-based recommendations to inform specific areas of clinical practice.

III. Healthcare Professional Education

We assist healthcare professionals to apply the best available evidence in their practice through collaborative continuing professional education.

IV. Healthcare Consumer Education

We provide information and tools for patients and caregivers to help them find out more about different medical conditions and treatment options, and to take part in shared decision-making with their clinicians about their healthcare needs.

Our logo


Our logo depicts the three core groups of stakeholders — providers, patients, and payers — working closely with us to achieve our mission of driving informed, impartial and sound decision-making in healthcare. The intertwining figures symbolise the synergistic efforts of the Agency and our stakeholders in improving patient outcomes while keeping healthcare affordable for all.