Specialist/Principal Analyst (Value-Based Pricing & Risk Sharing Arrangements)
Closing on: 30/06/2024

The Health Technology Assessment (HTA) branch in ACE drives appropriate and value-based care in Singapore’s healthcare system by directly influencing patient- access to cost and clinically effective health technologies through:

  • evidence-based evaluations of health technologies (e.g. drugs, vaccines, medical technologies, cell and gene therapies) to inform national funding decisions that reduce out-of-pocket costs for patients;
  • pricing negotiations with pharmaceutical and medical device companies to manage the costs of medicines and therapeutic devices and improve affordability for patients; and
  • producing guidances for health technologies and driving and monitoring the adoption of cost-effective and clinically-effective health technologies to guide clinical practice and empower appropriate use.

The Value-Based Pricing and Risk-sharing arrangements (VBP/RSA) team in particular:

  • with various HTA functions to conduct detailed, evidence-based evaluations and analyses on health technologies to assess the clinical and cost-effectiveness of these therapeutic options, and determine prices that would be commensurate to the clinical benefits they bring;
  • strategies to facilitate and inform negotiations with pharmaceutical and medical device companies to achieve best prices for these technologies;
  • risk sharing arrangements that support the national funding of health technologies by reducing the financial impact arising from the non-cost effective or clinical effective use these health technologies.
  • with industry and internal government stakeholders to facilitate the implementation of national subsidy for funded health technologies.
  • national healthcare policies and processes for the successful administration and implementation of risk-sharing arrangements in Singapore

A Senior Specialist/Specialist/Analyst (VBP/RSA) is responsible for leading projects and initiatives that fulfil the strategic interests and aims of the VBP/RSA team and ACE.

Job Description

Evaluate and analyse clinical evidence and market data of health technologies

  • Conduct rapid/expedited evaluations on clinical evidence of medicines and medical devices to apprise the clinical effectiveness and cost effectiveness of these therapies.
  • Perform market analyses to assess the cost-effectiveness and reasonableness of prices for these technologies, and determine prices that would be commensurate to the clinical benefits they bring;
  • Perform market analyses to determine the potential budget impact to health system if health technology is funded to inform RSA design.

Design VBP and negotiation strategies for negotiations with industry stakeholders

  • Design strategies for VBP negotiations with pharmaceutical and medical device companies based on evidence-based health technology assessments to achieve best prices for these medicines/devices and improve affordability for patients.

Design and propose risk sharing arrangements for different health technologies being considered for national reimbursement

  • Design and propose risk-sharing arrangements (RSAs) to support the funding of health technologies and minimize the financial impact to payors arising from non-cost-effective or clinical effective use of these medicines/medical devices.
  • Formulate strategies to negotiate for these RSAs with industry stakeholders

Design and collaborate on the development of polices and processes for Risk Sharing Arrangements and Value-Based Pricing

  • Work with internal stakeholders to design and refine the policies on the administration and implementation of RSAs in Singapore.
  • Design, set-up, and maintain processes to support the administration, implementation, tracking, and renewal of RSAs in the Singapore healthcare system.
  • Design, set-up, and maintain processes to support the VBP workstream.
  • Work with internal and external stakeholders on the development and updating of IT systems and infrastructure to support the implementation and management of RSAs.

Manage and implement VBP agreements and RSAs for Government funded health technologies

  • Work with MOH’s Legal Office to draft legal documents for the national funding of health technologies.
  • Maintain and facilitate the execution of legal documents agreed and executed between MOH and pharmaceutical/device companies.
  • Work with Healthcare Finance, MOH to prepare and support the preparation of budget papers, implementation circulars, and other documentation for the implementation of RSAs and Government funding for nationally funded health technologies.
  • Work with internal and external stakeholders (MOH, ACE, ALPS, Synapxe, public healthcare institutions, vendors, pharmacetuical/device companies) to operationalize negotiated RSAs.
  • Track the performance of implemented RSAs and ensure compliance to terms agreed between the MOH and pharmaceutical/device companies.
  • Track and manage the lifecycle of RSAs and initiate re-negotiations for new terms before deeds expiry or graduate RSAs accordingly.

Job Requirements

Educational Qualifications

  • Good Bachelor’s degree in healthcare related field
  • Post-graduate qualifications in Public Health, Health Economics, Epidemiology, Change Management, Business and/or project Administration, or healthcare related fields are a plus.

Relevant Experience

  • Knowledge of or experience in working within local public healthcare system
  • Experience in government administration
  • Experience in Health Technology Assessment (HTA) and/or pricing strategy
  • Familiarity with data analyses software/methods
  • Experience in negotiations and stakeholder management

Personal Characteristics and Behaviours

  • Logical, creative, analytical, quantitative and critical thinking
  • Data and information analyses and synthesis
  • Openness to feedback and failures (fortitude)
  • Willingness and openness to work with and manage multiple stakeholders
  • Willingness to learn
  • Tenacity and persistence
  • Ability to work both independently and collaboratively
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills
  • Highly meticulous and conscientious

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